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Ghost Excursions seeks to provide a source of all things paranormal. Whether you want to take a walk on a chilling ghost tour through a historical city or enjoy a haunted house with your family or friends, we can help you find it.

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Ghosts and spirits have been known to haunt countless locations across the globe for as long as anyone can remember. Some are malicious while others are peaceful, and everyone has a story to tell about their experience with the paranormal. In today's culture, ghosts are the subject of movies, books, television and numerous other sources.

However, nothing rivals the chance to visit haunted locations in person and enjoy the historical value of a top-rated ghost tour. As you learn about the history of these locations, you'll begin to understand why these locations are known as some of the most haunted places on the planet.

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Haunted Cemeteries & Attractions

For as long as most can remember, haunted attractions have been created to provide scares and good times for groups of family and friends. These can include haunted houses, farms, mazes and hayrides where performers seek to scare their customers as much as humanly possible.

There are also other sources of fun times, such as haunted amusement parks, where there are groups of haunted houses, rides, and shows to give thrill-seekers the experience of a lifetime.

You can also enjoy a haunted museum, viewing artifacts and items that are known to hold dark entities and demonic forces that have been found throughout the years during investigations and hauntings.

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Chilling Haunted Locations For Vampires, Witches, and Voodoo

The United States is filled with thousands of terrifying and haunted locations. These locations can be the subject of poltergeists, spirits and disembodied voices. At these locations, hundreds of thousands of people have sought out the ghostly apparitions that have remained a mystery for as long as anyone can remember.

From mansions, to hotels, and even graveyards, we seek to provide a list of the most popular and haunted locations that the country has to offer. 

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Terrifying Haunted Houses

Are you, your family, and your friends looking for the horrifying thrill of a lifetime? 

Throughout the United States, hundreds of amazing haunted house attractions have been created to provide a unique and astounding source of entertainment for adrenaline junkies and those who love to be scared.

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fortune Tellers, Psychics & Mediums

Psychics and fortune tellers have been around for ages, helping people and attempting to lead them in the right direction. Fortune telling is the practice of predicting someone's personal information and information about their life. Some psychics can read a person's future as well, and lead them in a direction that would be best for their life and development.

Commonly, a psychic will use props, such as tarot cards or crystal balls, to determine these details. However, they aren't always required to be in person to perform these tasks. Some offer phone services and online services.

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Ghost Hunting & Investigation Services

Although ghosts, poltergeists, and spirits have become a "fun subject" in modern day culture, sometimes the real thing can get out of hand. Some of these violent situations can involve attacks on people and pets, and also property damage. While this may not always require a third party to help resolve these issues, there are times when it may.

Numerous companies throughout America focus on this subject, offering investigations of the paranormal for frightened and disturbed people in need.

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